About Us


YAZD SYRINGE CO. was founded in 1986 ,with the aim of manufacturing different kinds of disposable syringes . including injection machines and moulds ,printing and packaging devices and the assembly-line as well as the complete sterilizing system using EO method was purchased from ENGEL GMBH ,Austria.

In 1994 ,company’s production capacity was increased to 70 million syringes per year ,by the addition of two new production lines ;insulin and 20 ml syringes , the machinery of which was purchased from Korea .

Benefiting from an expert and efficient board of directors as well as an experienced technical staff , the company continues to work with total of 80 people .

Using GMP production method and ISO 13485 (2003) Medical Quality Management System , ISO 9001(2000) Quality Management System and CE Certificate ,YAZD SYRINGE CO. tries to keep a satisfactory and acceptable quality .

The companies expansion plan has been carried out through a production project for A.D Syringes and Disposable ones used in dentistry ( Disposable Dental Syringe –Dental Ject) .

YAZD SYRNGE CO. has been presenting its products in both local and foreign markets , where they have been well recognized